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Un-Pencil Pouch Bags - Clear Vinyl

Un-Pencil Pouch Bags - Clear Vinyl

These clear vinyl un-pencil pouches are a great little bag - perfect for pencils but not only pencils, also great for brushes, supplies, make-up, and so much more - the clear vinyl unlined interior makes this pouch easy to clean up spills inside and the outer artwork makes them fun to tote around! Each comes with a custom matchin zipper pull.

**NOTE** Zipper tape and/or pull may be substituted with similar based on availability, sample of each shown is only 1 of the ones available, all snack print ones have snacks zipper tape though.


Approximately 8” L x 2.5” H x 3” D

**Please note - these are not licensed prints or creations, and are in no way affiliated with any company. These are made with fan art inspired fabrics from custom fabric shops (most of which are WAHM's like myself) - the hateful original creator of any Wizard reference products receives no royalities from these fabrics or makes as they are fan arts

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