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How We Got Here

Since our first day in business, Tickle Me Trendy has been offering our customers the most unique products and designs we can come up with. Our goal has never be a mass producer but rather to create unique pieces with high quality products and we achieve this by ensuring we only use the best materials on the market. About 90% of our fabrics, vinyl's and hardware items come from fellow small business who design the artwork themselves and then have then turned into the materials we use to make the creations for you to purchase here! By supporting Tickle Me Trendy you are also supporting the wide variety of other small businesses that I get supplies from. 

Also - we love meeting our clients in person and giving people a chance to feel the goods and shop in person - so please check out the "Upcoming Markets" page to see where you can find us at events! And of course, stop by to say hi!!

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